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the sierra. and, a 50 -year-old freeway interchange was getting a 20 first century makeover. the challenges commuters face until it's done. in the grand opening of of a shopper's nevada provides deals by plenty, just make sure you check your paces. >> good evening. it's thursday november eighth. this is bay area news at seven. a chilly wet storm system is making its way through the area tonight. if you poke your head outdoors at all, the record area you heard this week, you saw a few people that look like they were quite ready for this weather. the rain shower so far seem to have been brief but intense. >> sunny and beautiful and of course then it was a downed
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all. >> and, chief meteorologist bill martin will let us know how long is rain showers will be with us. up in the sierra, snow is falling. they say they could see snow as low as 3000 feet. they are live along interstate 80 right now. >> is awfully chilly right now. as you look out here we are getting light snowfall right now. it's about at 85200 feet. we've had a few inches of snow collecting on the roadway and this is westbound interstate 80. right now the spot is clear that we have seen some folks driving too fast for the conditions. >> 100 pieces of equipment including the snowplow are mobilized. caltrans also has 130 130
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crewmembers working around the clock. and they have had at least eight spinoffs within a half- hour stretch. >> we worried it would happen happen. >> chain controls went into effect just before three from the exit east of cold blacks all the way to the donner lake interchange. >> just a little bit of the whitney is an wet fingers. >> but those getting stuck in traffic going through the sierra mountains were not too upset. because it means an earlier start to ski season. >> my whole family ski is it so that part, we are excited about. these pictures were sent to us by the folks from squaw valley and we're taken at the base late this afternoon when i was already a few inches of snow on the ground. the resort is expecting up to 1
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foot of snow between today and tomorrow, and right now swap valued is scheduled to open in about two weeks. back here live at the blue canyon, you can see the snow coming down lightly and that means the chain controls will likely stay in effect all my long. you could go to our website for livestock tracker to update any time. we also have the updated bay area forecast and an updated ski section. police are looking for robbers who kidnapped a woman to steal from her bank account. the 57 -year-old victim was leaving work in the shape lands area when two men forced her into her car. they took to several atms withdrawing money. two and a half hours later the woman was found tied up in her car in oakland hills. they are hoping surveillance
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footage will help identify the man. in san francisco and investigation is underway after a man died from injuries sustained during the world series celebration after the giants won. according to his roommate, 37 -year-old sean moffitt came home with a large bump on his head entities being attacked by five men. police are investigating whether moffatt injured himself by joining a group of people jumping on mattresses in the ash. neighborhood. a second man charged with vandalizing a muni bus pleaded not guilty today. nicholas hudson was charged with felony vandalism and willful tampering with a passenger transit vehicle. he's accused of being part of a larger group to destroy the bus. the judge says he should be held without bail because it's already on probation. the preliminary hearing is set
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for november 26. a victim of a dui crash was identified as a sutter county deputy. he was a passenger in a solo vehicle crash late last night there smarts though. the chp says the female driver lost control of the car and crashed into a wall. she sustained minor injuries and was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. now to the south bay where construction crews are about to begin a makeover. if the focus of a $62 million reconstruction project. each day several thousand travel interstate and 80,000 drive stevens creek boulevard. >> is definitely the worst interchange in silicon valley and the reason is, it's valley
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fair and pantano road. >> starting tomorrow construction will begin to widen the stevens creek blvd. on-ramp, from southbound 880 and bring another link from 880 by valley fair from monroe street. then a flyover ramp will link 80 and 280. the entire project should be finished by early 2015. >> we are going to start seeing lane closures and crews on the ground. people will want to slow down in the area. >> many homeowners we talked to are willing to put up with construction noise. >> hopefully it can get done sooner than later. nobody likes to sit in traffic first of all and then to wait for construction, no one will be happy. >> so after tomorrow's groundbreaking takes place it will be a headache for drivers. many will watch it from a
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bumper to bumper view. robert honda, channel two news. >> the university of california named a new chancellor for you see berkeley. 61 -year-old nicholas berg will succeed the chancellor next june. he is an exec vice president at columbia university and professor of anthropology and history. he's helped out since 2004. students and others braved the rain and wind for a noontime walk out rally. they want the university to reduce tuition and prevent future increases. the property tax fund will stave off about $250 million that would have come in the middle of the academic year. and now to walnut creek where the grand opening of an fast food outlet to a long line of customers and some protesters. chick-fil-a opened its doors
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today in walnut creek. a group of gay rights supporters gathered outside and encountered a few people holding plaques. >> i want to be able to marry my partner. and hopefully, this just kind of get the word out. >> is not right for them to think they can just span chick- fil-a because they disagree with the owner. >> earlier, dozens of people camped out to be first and died. they offered free food for a year to the first 100 customers. supporters of same-sex marriage celebrated in washington. referendum 74 has maintained its lead with 72% of the vote. the state joined maine and maryland where they pay us a same-sex union.
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couples in washington state can start getting married in december. today a judge blocked part of the ballot measure cracking down on human trafficking taking effect. civil liberties groups report that sex offenders report their online screen name to police within 24 hours of registering to a website. the americans support civil union and the judge will feel or hear arguments november 20. president obama is set to lay out his agenda tomorrow. in six minutes, the address that may shape america's economic future. the bay area's crab season is set to open next week in time for thanksgiving. fishing for crab is already underway, it is an early indicator of the commercial season. fishing boat captain say they
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are seeing full crab pots on iran and even those crabbing peers say they are happy with their take. >> every trip we made clear getting full traps. >> saturday i was here for five hours and got nothing but monday i got eight. >> a menace to agree on a price which is not always the case. and firefighters will deliver critical emergency information before they arrived. they received a $10,000 donation to pay for the equipment. the chief said the ipad could help firefighters in situations like the san bruno pipeline explosion. there is now a sketch of a man accused of trying to kidnap a teenage girl this week and a better description of the truck may be involved. oakland police created this sketch. the man grabbed a 14 -year-old girl near 100 third and international. he got away. they are looking for a newer model red dodge ram pickup and
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a second man who was driving it. a new outlet mall is a huge hit on the first day of business. why shoppers say it was worth the wait. and the man who nearly killed former congresswoman gabrielle gifford learned his fate. the dramatic reports in court from her husband. >> showers in the area and it will be cold tonight. i will have the details on a wet weather forecast. 'v
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>> prayers of the san francisco border today where 21 -year-old thai riesling was gunned down last friday and that the
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district. the catholic archdiocese began organizing vigils were homicide victims last month after five killings happened within days. the man who critically wounded gabrielle gifford -based sentencing today. and we recorded what her husband had to say in court. >> gabrielle gifford for the first time came face-to-face with a man who almost took her life. inside a tucson federal courtroom, mark kelly and gifford's approached the podium together for a statement at this sentencing of derrida faulkner. kelly said of his wife, you have put a bullet through her head that you did not put a dent in her spirit. in 2011 she was holding a constituent meet and greet outside a tucson supermarket when he approached her and shot her in the head. 12 others were wounded and six were killed. in august he agreed to plead
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guilty to 19 charges to avoid the death penalty. he was sentenced thursday to seven consecutive life terms with an additional 140 years with no possibility of parole. in addition, to difference and kelly, several other victims attended the hearing. including ron barber, an aide to jeffords who succeeded her in the house. >> that was the day that shocked our community and broke our hearts. we can no way make sense of the simple facts. >> giffords retired from congress in 2012 to focus on her recovery. >> there is the salmonella contamination prompted a spinach recall. bags of fresh express vendors were voluntarily recalled. testing of random samples found salmonella bacteria. it has a use by dave at november seventh and was sold in 17 states including
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california. no illnesses have been reported. oracle has acquired another cloud -based software firm. the company provides project management software. the price of the deal was not disclosed and oracle says the sales expected to close by the end of the year. president obama will make his first postelection comments tomorrow on economy and america's impending fiscal clip. she will avoid tax cuts and spending cuts that will undermine the account economy. wall street endured a second straight day of sauce losses. concerns about congressional gridlock on fiscal clip out weight encouraging news about another decline in weekly jobless claims. still coupons are taking after a disappointing report. analysts expected a slight
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profit. shares after hours are down 15% and now about 80% off a $20 per- share ipo price last november. twitters says it accidentally reset passwords for a number of users after some accounts were hacked. think of this go micro blog over to a number of users about a suspected phishing scam and reset their passwords. other users have their passwords reset even though they were not compromised and twitter apologized. traffic was gridlock in one part of the state as shoppers went to a new outlet mall. rob will tell us how that spending is expected to pay off big for the city of livermore.
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[ cheering ] >> champagne, confetti. the celebration began this morning here on land where cows is to gray's analysis 132 high- end outlets. but for thousands of shoppers, getting here was an ordeal. this is interstate 580 at about noon today. cars backed up for miles especially lanes leading to the ultralight said to the mall. police blocked off side streets and it took us 45 minutes from the freeway exit. we apparently made good time. >> about an hour 15 from the turnoff. it was a hard thing. >> but at the mall people seem to buy everything in sight. >> i got a sweatshirt, a fleece shirt, a hat. >> the mall means 2000 jobs and is expected to add $2 million per year in sales tax, and have to pay for an additional 10 police officers. this is the first mall built in the bay area in 11 years. >> we have 543,000 feet of prime retail opening up and it's going so well, as 100
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percent booked. >> some shoppers could work to come here. everything is discounted at least 25%. >> i got a little bit of everything. >> more than 100,000 cars are expected to come here over the four-day grand opening. >> an oakland school teacher has been named one of five california teachers of the year. she teaches seventh grade english. she's an innovative teacher, noting that she has her students write on their own daily learning targets. she's also a contender for national teacher of the year. the national hockey league players association returned to the bargaining table today in an effort to end the lockout. the work stoppage has reached his 50 fourth day at this week is considered critical for the hockey season to be saved. even if the deal is reached, the nhl has a full 82 game
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season will not be played. don't forget tomorrow is our high school football game of the week. the matchups go to the east bay. watch a preview here on bay area news at seven and highlights on the 10:00 news on k2. a new set of weather woes. i had, some of the damage inflicted by a wintry nor'easter. and showers with the bay area today and it's not over yet. our chief meteorologist tells us when the next front is coming in. you can watch our newscasts live on your computer, smart phone or tablet. get the
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today with a look at a storm that left downed trees and more power outages in the same area ravaged by hurricanes 80. meanwhile air travel to new york started getting back to normal this afternoon after hundreds of cancellations. in the bay area, we are seeing
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been two big, and we see the showers as they move through the bay area this afternoon. the heaviest is about 1:00 as the activity moves out. you can see scattered showers and they are moving in, we will see some activity may be tonight but the big hit was this afternoon. more scattered showers in the bay area forecasts. the san jose, what we can expect as we go into the next 12 hours and overnight. it will be very chilling and very cold, so overnight lows, 40 in napa, 46 in vallejo. it's cool for having a rainy day like we did with clouds. the next couple of mornings that will be freezing. we will see boston some areas in freezing temperatures especially in the north. and in the mountains that winter weather advisory stays
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in the back. we have pictures of some significant snow and it's continuing to spell. so if you have travel plans, take that change. and and the logos off and the cool air remained behind and we have a frosty morning with prison temperatures and dry forecast. the weekend will be marked by very cool and cold overnight lows but sunny conditions during the day. and, and it dies out as we go through the afternoon. and there are showers in the area, around 6: 6:00 under the waves went through. keep the jacket handy tomorrow because this will be one of those days.
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you will see more sometime tomorrow than you saw today. 58 in fairfield and these ties look like overnight lows from a couple days ago. we had all that record heat and overnight lows in the 50's. daytime highs will be in the forecast tomorrow. the weekend it does try to warm up, but not that much. i will see you tonight at 10. >> a south bay to expect to see thousands of people to go for free thanksgiving boxes. a volunteer unloaded crates of food and more than 4000 people are expected to register tomorrow for a brief food boxed and holiday gifts for their children. some people are camping out to be first in line to register. they will likely see an uptick in the number of people seeking help is here. thank you for trusting us. we will see you next time the news breaks. our coverage continues with 10:00 news.
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and tonight, republican soul- searching. where does the gop go from here. also, we will talk about the storm blowing through. we are always here for you at. up next is tmz. you're on timeout leo!
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